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Patrick O'Keefe

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Four Vignettes
« on: Yesterday at 04:18:26 PM »
When I'm working with my teacher on a piece, I rarely post it here until I'm sure I can cope with conflicting suggestions.  Here is a collection of 4 pieces that I'm comfortable enough with that I can accept or reject suggestions from all directions. 

As with the waltz I posted a few months ago, it's written for wind quintet and cello - a combination I really like (but may change my mind if/when I hear it on live instruments).  And as with all my compositions, descriptive titles were attached after the fact; I had nothing in mind when composing them so the titles may change.  Yes, I know that a vignette is a scene or image.  That doesn't imply I know what I'm looking at.

Vignette I

Vignette II

Vignette III

Vignette IV

Description (from the program notes):
This suite consists of 4 short pieces depicting 4 scenes or activities. 
The scenes are unrelated in time, place, and content. Nevertheless, 
the movements form a coherent whole. 

I   Promulgation  - A town crier reads an announcement of no great importance. 
    Few people pay attention.  Next time he'll send a Tweet. 
II  Pastorale -    A calm and peaceful country scene 
III Tango Dance!  Don't bother looking for a scene. 
IV Romp - Some high-spirited, carefree play   

It's been in the work for a couple months and is pretty close to being finished, I think.  But any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated.


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Re: Four Vignettes
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 04:48:20 PM »
Patrick just a quick response ... more tomorrow.

Quite a charming and engaging.  Each Vignette holds its own and is nicely placed among the others.

The orchestration is light and mobile ..... with a fun interchange among the instruments.