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Pixies at Play - Doublereed Quartet


Okay -   closing in on the ending now.

I did some editing ... removed one section and ad a new one at the conclusion.

All comments appreciated.  Don't be bashful.  :-*  The objective here is to improve~!

Hope you enjoy the work

Mark   mp3

Patrick O'Keefe:
Hoo, boy!.  Ignore my comments on the "In progress" sub-forum.  I hadn't noticed you had moved over here.  The changes you made are spot on.  The piece now works incredibly well.

Hey Patrick ...... you made my day~!  ;D

I hope you got a bit of a laugh from it too.

It was great fun doing it.


perpetuo studens:
Lovely Mark. Delightful and playful. Really interesting rhythms. And yes, I did get the joke at the end. :) I remember inserting exactly this phraselet into a rock solo in some bar (in northern Ontario I think) and watching my fellow bandmates laugh out loud and struggle to get themselves together so we could play the rest of the song.

As for suggestions (which I make hesitatingly and about which I urge extreme caution :)) the only thing that comes to mind is that I wished a couple of times that you had moved away from G to a new key centre. The full stops between sections (where they occur) are perfect opportunities, I think. But for this to be even potentially valid and useful I would have to fully understand what you wanted to accomplish here, and I can barely do that with my own work. :) So caveat emptor.

But all in all lots of fun and surprises. A really neat piece.


Jamie thanks for the review.

Yes.....I know that work is centered in G.  Although in the Around the Mulberry Bush section I do go to C Major for a short while.

Please note though ... that although in G .... I do insert an extra whole step in the scale to create a slightly different feel.  And some of the scales are more modal.

So yes .... there is the possibility of modulations ..... something I may need to consider; including a bit more variation in the repeat sections.

I am so pleased to enjoyed the work.  As I said previously ..... it was fun~!



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