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24 Preludes, Nos 5-8


Hi everyone!

Here's my next four preludes, a new set of four moods.

D Major - a tranquil prayer.
This one takes some inspiration from minimalism, but pairs that 'aesthetic' with my own ideals of structure and motivic use.

B Minor - a long night of wandering thoughts.
This is the richest of these four preludes, in my opinion, and my favourite. There's some kind of deep tragedy within this one, I think. This one is somewhat inspired by nocturnes.

A Major - an explosion of excitement, happiness and hope!
The most fun and virtuosic prelude so far :) I wrote this one to express my excitement over moving to the UK soon to begin studies at my dream university! Very brazen and buoyant, and almost humanly impossible to play!

F# Minor - a desolate winterscape.
A very simple and haunting piece. I had noticed I hadn't written anything in 3/4 time yet so decided this would be the one! A piece of floating chords, melodic fragments that never quite seem fully complete and drift in and out of form, I tried to create an inexplicable sense of emptiness and loneliness. Despite being very short and simple, I really like the structure of this piece.

Most of these four preludes tend more heavily to diatonicism than I would have liked (D, A, and F#m) but I think they each explore their own unique harmonic spaces anyway.

Hope you enjoy! Any and all feedback much appreciated :)

First of all you should be posting in the senior section of this forum.  There is nothing "Junior" about your compositions.

They are all so lovely that I will take my time reviewing each one of them.  So I may listen and enjoy each one.

The D major is breath taking in its starkness ..... I get lost in its expansiveness of "emptiness".

Inadvertently I listened to you composition Vision. also on Youtube ... it fills the air with hope and longing in juxtaposition to the first D minor prelude- I think they go well together.

More comments coming ..... right now I am listening and enjoying.

You definitely have something to say~!  You must be a fine pianist as well.


Yes, definitely post your works in the Senior section.  This new set of Preludes have diverse styles and emotional impacts. They are approachable and enjoyable to listen to.

Thanks for sharing them!


Thanks for posting  these beautiful pieces! I enjoyed them a lot, too. Very evocative, nuanced and tender at times... I guess I liked the first and the last a bit more than the others. Among other things, I like the way you do not shy away from a valiant statement of a nice-sounding melody, and then instead of quickly disappearing it via elusive maneuvers, elegantly carrying it through without going shallow or corny. I hope what I say makes any sense at all. :)


Thank you all for your encouragement :) when I complete the next four preludes in the cycle I'll post them in the senior section!

Mark, thank you for taking the time to listen to some other of my pieces too! I'm glad you enjoyed both the D major prelude and 'Vision' - interestingly I think that these are two of my pieces which have the most 'religious' influence.

J, thank you for your kind words!

Call me a traditionalist, but I am indeed a fan of clear melodic statements Reha! I've come to consider melody as the first port of call for the listener, the gateway into a piece, so especially within these preludes I've been trying to make that gateway as inviting as possible :) what you said makes perfect sense, and I appreciate your picking up on it!


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