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Re: Mi Bolero-Cha
« Reply #30 on: October 05, 2019, 04:13:39 PM »
Thank you Mark! I appreciate your thoughtful and helpful comment. I'm glad you find things you like in the piece. I'm especially pleased you keep liking the vocal line.

First, I'm assuming you have listened to the piece with headphones because my experience is that without headphones it does sound considerably "less pleasant". I tend to agree that especially the later parts of the bolero section (before 1:50) give a somewhat "heavy" and "over-saturated" feel. This is partly why I switch to a very light texture as the Cha Cha section starts (from 1:50 on). This is also mainly why in the Bolero section I use only the saxes as harmonic pad while the vocalist sings and use the horns sections only to interject in-between the vocal phrases.  Towards the end of the bolero section it is only 1-2 horns that remain to respond to the vocalist.

I believe any of the following suffices to obtain a not-so-good sounding result: harmony, instrumentation, voicing, sound samples, mixing etc. I'll be going over each that I can modify or tweak several times more. However, I suspect another factor may be at play: the bolero section has an atypically long vocal line. I divided it into three chunks but even as such, the last chunk lasts from 1:18 to 1:50. Half a minute of non-repeating, meandering, chromatic vocal line at slow tempo! That might be a thing to consider. Anyway, I'll be looking at ways to attain better results given the vocal material.

Thanks! :)

Edit Oct 8th: Meanwhile Section B (Cha cha) is completed and the new audio and scores are below. I keep revising and trying to make up my mind whether there should be a partial reprise of the A (Bolero) section at all.

Please listen with headphones!

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