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Musescore 3 is available
« on: January 11, 2019, 05:17:48 PM »
A major upgrade of Musescore is now available.  The new 3.0 version looks like it has a number of new features that allow it to (hopefully) approach the functionality of the major scoring programs. I notice  that it now has auto score element placement that avoids collisions, similar to Sibelius.  That should help clean up my scores. You can now add staves in local points in a score, which would be helpful when (for example) you are writing a Schnittke-like piece,  where you suddenly divide the strings into 20 different parts.

Playback sound is still harsh and not state-of-the art.  I will still have to export to Sibelius to get good recordings. The Musescore team was concentrating on engraving issues for this release, I think.

Well, time will tell what new bugs exist and what the benefits and limitations are of version of Musescore.