Author Topic: November 2018: What are your music listening habits?  (Read 724 times)

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Re: November 2018: What are your music listening habits?
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I don't listen much any more.  I, too, am in Seattle and have access to a good classical music station (KING FM) but don't listen often.  I have subscription tickets to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra - have had for 30 years - and try to get to the quarterly concerts of the Octava Chamber Orchestra.  (They've occasionally played my music so I'm certainly going to support them.)  I have often in the past attended performances at the Seattle Composers Salon - composers presenting new works to other composers for comments and feedback - but it is currently in hiatus and may not recover.

I sometimes listen to my own past works, but usually when I have a block.  Sometimes hearing what I did before helps.

I, too, rarely listen to anything with a drum kit.  A deep, but unfair, prejudice of mine is that music should not require percussion to drive it forward.  I am even less likely to listen to anything with an electric guitar.  95% of my listening is classical music so these filters usually don't come into play.  I sometimes listen to jazz but that's pretty rare.

An exception to the above:  I've been doing recreational (i.e., non-performance) Balkan folkdance for about 45 years.  That takes a different kind of listening.  I'm usually not passively listening to the music; I'm either dancing to the music or listening at home trying to figure out the rhythm.  There's often a drum involved (but usually just one).