Author Topic: September, 2017: How do non-musicians react when they find out you compose music  (Read 1351 times)

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I also encounter people who assume that I must play an instrument if I write. Do they assume that anyone who can read must be a writer?

No, but they probably assume that every writer knows how to read. (That direction is the more appropriate analog to the "you compose, therefore you must be able to play an instrument")

I rarely get that question, probably because many more people know me as a player than a composer. I remember my elementary school taught some basics, but I was taking piano lessons at the same time, so the source of my knowledge could have been either.

I've seen several facebook postings of how the move to contemporary church music with words projected on a screen replacing a hymnal in your hands has led to a decline in music literacy, and that seems to ring true for me.

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