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Hello again
« on: January 15, 2017, 11:43:35 PM »
Hello again.

I have been away from this form for several years, but I am back (under a new email as my old email address have long been gone).  I hope I can contribute to this form in meaningful and helpful ways.

Below is my short musical bio which I wrote several years ago. 

Mr. Ed Sharpe

AKA: Edo S. Bear, Ursus Demens

About My Musical Language:
I have a unique and evolving musical voice that incorporates both my Jazz and Classical training. I am comfortable and fluent in composing in Modern Chamber, Orchestral and Jazz idioms. My music can be difficult to understand on first hearing, but those who have spent the time to listen to my music have come to understand and appreciated my highly individual musical language. I feel that my 16 year sojourn from music has allowed me to come at music in a very different direction than if I had simply continue without a break. I believe that those years in the musical wilderness allowed my music to ferment and mature in my subconscious.

A Brief Biography:
I was born, raised and have lived my entire life to this point in time in Southern California. I attended California State University at Los Angeles where I studied music and eventually earned a Bachelor of Art in Instrumental Music with an emphases in Composition. I also completed the requirements for a single subject teaching credential in instrumental music. After spending parts of the next two years teaching music in various public schools I began (for various reasons) a 16 year sojourn away from music.

During my sojourn I pursued a career in the computer industry as a computer programmer, system administrator, and systems engineer. During that time I continued in my creative endeavors by writing poetry and fiction and learning to draw and paint.

I started writing Jazz arrangements and original Jazz/Fusion compositions in High School.
While at University I studied both Commercial (Jazz) and Classical theory and composition.
My last years at University focused on Modern Art Music.
While at University I studied with:
Hugh E. Mullins [Music Theory/Composition]
Byong-Kon Kim [Composition/Orchestration]
Robert H. Curnow [Jazz/Commerical Theory/Arranging/Composition]
William H. Hill [Composition]
Vernon F. Leidig [Music Education]
Milton Stern [Piano]
I earned a BA in Music from California State University at Los Angeles. I taught High School Band and Choir for one year. I then took a 16 year sojourn from music and composing. In 2001 Anno Domini I ended my sojourn and returned to music with a fresh perspective and understanding of music and sound.


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Re: Hello again
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2017, 02:40:37 AM »
Welcome again Ed!:)
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Re: Hello again
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2017, 06:18:13 AM »
Welcome back, Ed.