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Milonga Challenge

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As requested by one of our newest members: you are challenged to write a milonga.

This form is an Argentinian forerunner of the tango--and can sound somewhat similar. Here's a detailed description:

You'll notice there are a couple of rhythmic patterns used. They are shown in the attachment.

Here are samples:

Keep it for solo instrument or a small ensemble.

(We used to do this sort of thing in the old forum and it was always a lot of fun--and a learning experience for everyone.)

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Count me in…..  8)

Okay here's my short entry.

1st version.  ::)

Comments appreciated.


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From what I've read, there is a historical basis for limiting the challenge to a solo instrument or a small ensemble. But I was envisioning something a bit more grandiose--like an orchestra, maybe chamber orchestra, or small concert band or wind ensemble. No?

And is it just the rhythm, or rhythms, that qualify a piece as a milonga, or is there also a form involved?

And Mark! Very pleasant!

Mark, you are incredible.  I have a blank staff with "Milonga" as the title at this time.  You have already completed a beautiful piece.  I am clearly out of my league.  Amazing….



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