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Choral Writing
« on: May 22, 2014, 06:23:31 AM »

I have to admit writing the choral works has sharpened my ear.

Especially in the recognition of 4th and 5ths for an choral interval.

And of course octaves.

The nuance/effect of the chord placement is so interesting.

So the challenge lies with the voice leading and intervals and harmonic movement to make a choral piece sing lovely.

This writing really helped my very poor dictation ear~!


PS: Still working on improving "Here Comes My Women".  (Playing the work in different keys for some reason helped.)
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Re: Choral Writing
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2014, 10:44:19 AM »
Hmmm...maybe I should concentrate on working with choral works. I haven't thus far because I absolutely blow chunks in writing lyrics and I can't find any poems I want to use. Still, that's me just being lazy, I suppose.

One of the best lessons in simple orchestration came from someone (I think it was on this forum, but I could be wrong) completely blasting my efforts because I did not understand the techniques of contrary motion. Oh, sure, I'd learned the idea in Music Theory, but the ability to apply it in a large ensemble setting eluded me...and, to be honest, I was making absolutely zero effort to pay attention to Music Theory rules. But whoever it was that blasted me really got me to LISTEN to the orchestral works I enjoy and pick them apart to find out WHY I enjoy them so much. And suddenly, like magic, I got the idea.

I still make mistakes when orchestrating contrary motion, but at least now I am aware of the issue, and not just being insanely insistent that my crap has absolutely no smell whatsoever!  ;D
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