Author Topic: To our new, and not-so-new, members  (Read 12879 times)

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Re: To our new, and not-so-new, members
« Reply #15 on: September 12, 2016, 06:10:39 AM »
Lack of body language and voice inflection is a common issue that leads to misunderstandings. The little emoticons are not perfect, and tend to be a bit "cutesy" for my tastes, but they're better than nothing.  ::)

And regarding "every private message is one less comment on a thread." I had never thought of that. I recently asked Art about a grade level on my band piece and did it via private message thinking he would be the most likely to know, and figuring that nobody else would care. My bad! You never know who might be interested.
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Re: To our new, and not-so-new, members
« Reply #16 on: September 12, 2016, 07:06:52 AM »
Indeed, MikeL, decorum is essential if a forum truly wants free exchange of ideas.  Often a forum is dominated by a few professionals who rather patrol the posts and sometimes respond in a brash way that deters future posts, especially from students or new members.  I, for one, tend to read and rarely comment openly on forums in favor of private messages.  I don't think of myself as "thin skinned" but neither am I a peņata for someone's bad day. 

I regret this post very much.  I was referring to a few forums I have been associated with in the past (one flamenco guitar forum and even the Finale forum on occasion), not the Compose Forum.  I can now see my comment could be construed as a backhanded slap.  I assure everyone that was not my intention.  The Jazz Guitar forum, for example, is a free-for-all of personal insults and arguments and is left mostly unmoderated until it really gets out of hand.  As I said, even the Finale forum (for which I am very thankful as it has helped me enormously and continues to do so) can make me hesitate before requesting assistance.  The wording of a response, whether intentional or not, can sometimes make a person feel very small.  Again, I want to assure members here that my previous post was not directed toward the Compose Forum. 
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