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Notation / Re: Enharmonic spellings
« Last post by Michel.R.E on Today at 01:14:32 PM »
its quite readable as is.
I'd remove the parentheses around those C# in the 3rd and 2nd last measures. same goes for the low Gnat in the 3rd last measure.

ok, I'm having to go back and forth and re-edit my post...
remove ALL the parentheses from the part. the accidentals they accompany are all "required" so the parentheses cause more questions than avoid them.
Those accidentals are required and not "editorial".
Notation / Enharmonic spellings
« Last post by Patrick O'Keefe on Today at 01:04:43 PM »
I've asked questions like this before and will probably continue to until I die.

I'm writing a piece that uses a lot of the double harmonic minor (aka Hungarian minor or "Gypsy" minor) - the harmonic minor with a raised 4th degree.  The piece has no key signature but one phrase has a tonal center of C#.  Essentially, its scale is #C-#D-E-xF-#G-A-#B-#C.  I generally avoid double sharps, #B, etc.  Would their use be help or a hindrance for the player.  I've attached an image of my current notation of the phrase (which will hopefully appear in this posting). 

What would be the most helpful, most easily readable notation for this phrase?  Sight reading isn't an issue here.

And yes, I know that I'm a bit outside the mode by the end of the phrase; those B naturals don't belong in the mode but do belong in the phrase.
Completed Works: Junior / Re: Early Work
« Last post by Michel.R.E on Today at 12:41:29 PM »
looking forward to hearing the new orchestral work.
Completed Works: Junior / Re: Early Work
« Last post by mjf1947 on Today at 10:50:40 AM »
Rex and Jer,

Thanks for listening ...  :)

I am pleased you enjoyed the work.

I adjusted the cello volume and I used Noteperformer instead of Garritan.


PS: I am now working on my 7th orchestra work "Majestic" ~! I am putting the finishing touches on "A Child"s Walk" and will post the final version soon.  8)
Completed Works: Junior / Re: Early Work
« Last post by Jerry Engelbach on Today at 10:31:58 AM »
It's lovely, Mark.
A note about the playback.
The cello is louder than the other instruments.
Often I can't hear the counter melodies on the 2nd violin and viola, which I don't think is your intent.
Completed Works: Junior / Re: Early Work
« Last post by Rex Potam on Today at 10:09:52 AM »
This version is great!

Well done.

Works in Progress: Senior / Re: Music for a Haphazard Dream
« Last post by Patrick O'Keefe on Yesterday at 02:15:43 PM »
Thank you, Mark.  I hadn't thought of it as Russian feeling, but I can see what you mean.

I hope I can convince a group to perform it, but I'm not counting on it. 


P.S.  I forgot to mention in my list of changes that I've tried to address the directionless and anti-climatic transition.
Works in Progress: Senior / Re: Music for a Haphazard Dream
« Last post by mjf1947 on Yesterday at 02:01:35 PM »
Absolutely delightful with a good Russian vibe ... very "Prokofiev" in style.

It definitely should be performed.  :)


Works in Progress: Senior / Re: Music for a Haphazard Dream
« Last post by Patrick O'Keefe on Yesterday at 12:59:55 PM »
I've made a number of changes.  The links in the 1st post of this thread point to the updated files.
Some of the changes:
  • I've simplified some of the string phrases containing 32nd notes.
    One section I really didn't want to change much was mm 63-70.  I ran these by a violinist friend.  He thought I shouldn't simplify it.  There's another version of the phrases at mm 202-209 which I didn't show him.  Hopefully I won't have to change that much.
  • I switched the horn in mm 141-146 from stopped to mute and added a bit of movement  - fewer long notes.  Hopefully this will make it more playable.
  • The previous PDF files had been concert pitch.  I've switched to transposing.  Usually it's easy to tell looking at the score, but since I'm not using key signatures I thought I should mention it.

I've done no score cleanup yet.  My next step is to try to clean up enharmonic spellings.  At the moment they are a mess
Completed Works: Senior / Re: massively reworked piano concerto
« Last post by jamie kowalski on January 23, 2021, 10:07:02 PM »
Great stuff!
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