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Works in Progress: Junior / Re: My first time.....
« Last post by @ADR2Music on Yesterday at 10:05:38 PM »
That's great! I'm glad to hear that it went so well and looking forward to seeing the performance.


Completed Works: Senior / Re: Concerto Grosso movement II
« Last post by sandalwood on Yesterday at 06:03:06 PM »
Jay, I keep liking this mvt in all its incarnations you throw at us. I think this is lean, well-polished and very expressive.

You must have explained this before for sure but why do you prefer Musescore "pdf"s over the Sibelius ones? I'm an old Musescore user, I know it is (or used to be when I used it) very practical and intuitive but...

Completed Works: Senior / Re: Concerto Grosso movement II
« Last post by whitebark on Yesterday at 01:38:49 PM »
Thanks for listening!  Drafts of the other 2 movements have been posted in the Senior "In progress" forums.  Eventually, I will finish the movements and post them here.

Works in Progress: Junior / Re: Bagatelles !
« Last post by sandalwood on Yesterday at 07:49:18 AM »
Very heartwarming story behind these pieces and pieces themselves are charming and lovable. Neat and pleasant melodic lines, I enjoyed listening to them. Thanks for posting them, Mr Mark!

Works in Progress: Junior / Re: Bagatelles !
« Last post by williamhu on Yesterday at 03:50:29 AM »
Hi Mark,

These are lovely and pleasant pieces of music. As a pianist myself I can say that these are all very approachable to play and I am sure Jane will appreciate them very much :)

A small thing on notation - in bagatelle 3, bar 6, I would recommend rewriting the tied rhythm as:
semiquaver semiquaver-(tie)-dottedquaver semiquaver
As this is the formally 'correct' way of splitting the rhythm and is easier to read.

Thanks for sharing!
Completed Works: Senior / V. Lofsálmur
« Last post by Tónskáld on September 20, 2019, 06:38:25 PM »
The "Lofsálmur," or hymn of praise, is the soul-stirring finale of the suite. This piece reflects the simple joys of Iceland: its people, its landscapes, its seas, its waterfalls—all joining together in a reverent hymn. The movement starts out tenderly as the two main themes emerge. Then the musical "color" palette expands for a bit as we journey through whole tone scales and quartal harmonies for a while. Finally, the music crescendos into the full development of the second theme—the culmination of the entire suite—and the dénouement leads us back to the beginning.

The suite ends with a refrain of the opening hymn. Quietly, yet resolutely, a rousing homage to an oft-forgotten island, standing and still rejoicing, unchanged amidst the swiftly-tilting world it inhabits.

So, that's the entire suite. I do hope you all enjoy it! Please, feel free to offer any feedback. I always find it so helpful!

Completed Works: Senior / IV. Ţjóđlag
« Last post by Tónskáld on September 20, 2019, 06:28:28 PM »
This lively movement serves as the scherzo of the suite. It is called "Ţjóđlag," which is Icelandic for "folksong." (The title is pronounced "thyowdh-log," where the "dh" is a voiced "th" as in "there.") Technically, this movement is an arrangement, the source song being "Vísur vatnsenda-rósu," an old Icelandic folksong. The piece is quite a bit of fun to play, although its exotic quartal harmonies and edgy arpeggios may not be for everyone. The structural buildup towards the end is especially exciting—in my opinion.

Looking forward to your feedback!
Completed Works: Senior / III. Harma
« Last post by Tónskáld on September 20, 2019, 06:21:45 PM »
The middle movement, called "Harma" (lament), is a richly melancholic work with a nocturne-like structure. It has the distinction of being the longest movement in the suite, and it relies heavily on whole tone scales and diminished 5ths to convey a sense of "not-quite-right-ness." It is meant to mirror the heavy feelings of loss and loneliness while staring out of the window on a bleak, rainy day. (It's great mood music when you're feeling down...)

Happy (so to speak) listening!
Completed Works: Senior / II. Dans
« Last post by Tónskáld on September 20, 2019, 06:15:36 PM »
Although titled "Dans" (dance), the second movement isn't a literal waltz or anything like that. Instead, it represents the rhythm and sway of life in Iceland. The piece is in 5/8 time, so it may take a couple of listens to really "jive" with the rhythm. This movement deviates quite a bit from the straightforward harmonies of "Morgunlag," but I think the harmonies here lend themselves to the colorfulness of the piece.

I hope you enjoy!

Edit: Filenames were mixed up, so if you downloaded the mp3 and it sounds just like III. Harma, I apologize. I have uploaded the correct version now.
Completed Works: Senior / I. Morgunlag
« Last post by Tónskáld on September 20, 2019, 06:09:12 PM »
[Note: this has already been posted in a different thread on this site, so feel free to ignore if you've already seen/heard this movement.]

The first movement is entitled "Morgunlag," which simply means "morning song." Of all the movements, this one employs the most traditional harmonies and musical forms. It is meant to represent the unbridled feelings and experiences of an early morning before the sun rises. This movement has the strongest lyricism and sounds almost Romantic in nature.

Feedback welcome (if you haven't already)!
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