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Title: posts I respond to or do not...
Post by: Michel.R.E on May 10, 2020, 09:13:59 PM
While I do try to respond to as many new posts as I can, I have a limited amount of energy and time to do so.

However, I don't want people thinking that I am purposely ignoring certain topics... though in a way, I am.

I know strictly nothing about band music. So, when anyone posts something for band it's rather unlikely that I'll comment on it. I simply lack any sort of experience with band writing.

The same goes for any jazz or popular idiom music. I don't listen to that kind of music, and my training isn't in that genre either. So my commenting would be pretty pointless

Where I DO draw a line, however, is with people who post their music and then don't bother to respond to comments, or worse, don't bother posting on anyone else's posts.
I regard participation on this forum as a required part of being a member.
If you want to post your music and get constructive criticism/comments, then you also have to demonstrate some willingness to see beyond your own posts and understand that tehre are other people also posting their music.

That doesn't mean you have to feel "qualified" to make highly technical comments.

If a member doesn't feel their level of musical knowledge is high enough, then please

1. Ask questions! when someone posts music, answering questions about the processes involved in the writing is also a fun form of participation.

2. Do comment on the advanced sections of the forum. Sure there are a few professional composers there, but guess what? We also like having questions posed about our work.

3. Make sure you respond to those who've taken the time to comment on your posts.

4. Some of the works posted can be a bit on the long side. But be assured that it's ok to comment on only part of a recording/score. if you had time to listen to 3 minutes of a 20 minute work, that's already quite a bit and it WILL be appreciated.

5. Don't restrict yourself to only one section of the forum, if you can. You may not feel qualified to comment in the "works in progress" sections, but again, questions are also appreciated. And there are the "completed works" sections of both the beginner and advanced sections. You can ask questions there too. And no question is too stupid. If there's something you don't understand - and that can mean the musical idiom (language, style) - you can still ask questions about it. Sometimes there are hints as to what to listen for when listening to a new work.

So you HAVE to go out of your way and actually PARTICIPATE on this forum.
Title: Re: posts I respond to or do not...
Post by: Jerry Engelbach on May 11, 2020, 07:33:35 AM
Appreciate that post, Michel.
BTW, what's happened to your avatar/photo?
Title: Re: posts I respond to or do not...
Post by: Michel.R.E on May 11, 2020, 07:42:02 AM
Jerry, I have NO idea what happened to my photo.
I had assumed it was my computer being slow and simply not showing it.
I'll try re-uploading the image.

I just realized that the forum was looking for my image file from my old website, while I have a new website hosting plan now, and files are in a different place.
Title: Re: posts I respond to or do not...
Post by: Jerry Engelbach on May 11, 2020, 03:05:06 PM
It was missing for a while. Funny no one mentioned it.