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Very nice!  My favorite part is where it starts a fugue and then goes off to quote other melodies instead. Plot twist!

+1 :)

and great quintet writing, imo.
Completed Works: Junior / Re: Quartal Bells for Wind Quintet - finished version
« Last post by RJB54 on Yesterday at 01:04:54 PM »
A different, interesting, take on a fairly simple tune and chords. I liked it.
Nice! I could definitely hear this as part of a Christmas concert.
Completed Works: Junior / Re: Under Tides
« Last post by RJB54 on Yesterday at 07:51:45 AM »
This the start of what could be an interesting piece if you up the polyphony. Right now with most of the material in both hands being the same lines in octaves it currently sounds more like an exercise than a composition.

If you expand on the material adding additional contrapuntal lines, some contrasting material, etc., this could be a nice piece.   
Completed Works: Junior / Re: Old Song - Oboe Cello
« Last post by RJB54 on Yesterday at 07:44:37 AM »

A nice melody.

Yes, it is pretty static harmonically, but if you rework it into a woodwind quintet the color contrasts between the various instruments will help to address that issue.

I don't know about keeping the cello. Finding a performance for a such a sextet would probably be difficult.  :)

Besides, I think most, if not all, of what you've got for the cello would work well for the bassoon.
Completed Works: Junior / Re: El Circo de Ninos
« Last post by RJB54 on Yesterday at 07:37:07 AM »
I finally had some time to listen to this.

The finished work is quite good and the orchestration is well done. I liked it. I particularly liked the moorish/middle eastern passage.

I do think that you need additional bow marking in the strings. In a live performance a lot of the string lines will be played 'detache' as currently notated and will probably sound more disjointed than the computer performance.
Thank-you Robert.

As I think I mentioned, the CD contains a lot of music that should automatically be part of anyone's CD collection (Grieg, Holst, Tchaikowski, etc...) and just from what I heard during the actual recording sessions, the sound and interpretation are magnificent.

The conductor was a marvel to watch: no extraneous movements, no histrionics, the music was really getting communicated between conductor and orchestra.

Anyways, more than anyone I am very excited about hearing the CD once it is finished.

I just had a chance to listen to the recording. Excellent! As the others said if this is what it sounds like with a 10 minute rehearsal the recording must be magnificent.
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