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Thanks for posting this. I agree with what Jay has said and with Jer when he says

Your theme fragments are engaging, the interweaving of different instruments is exciting, and the acoustic space is clean and transparent.
That having been said, I have a few caveats.I don't feel the sense of unifying motifs. Instead, a section starts and arouses an expectation of further development, but then changes to something else. An example of this is that a couple of times the music intensifies and speeds up and seems about to soar, but then subsides to a slow pace again. The very complexity of it is at times overwhelming, and I'm not sure about maintaining audience interest for so long in a piece with an overall slow tempo.

I, too, had the impression of listening to a series of well-written, engaging passages which I enjoyed but I was not totally able to perceive them as parts of a unified whole.

Though I'm guilty myself of providing sloppy scores till the piece is finalized, it is good to hear you've decided to work with a notation program in future works.

Works in Progress: Junior / Re: Mi Cuasi Son Montuno
« Last post by sandalwood on Today at 04:18:44 PM »
Thank you for the kind words. I keep working on the piece in an on-off fashion and hope I manage to finish it some day. As to possibility of a performance, for me it must be so remote that it crossed my mind for the first time while reading your message. Thanks for the wish, anyway.

Irakere at its birth, it seems, was a collection of future stars, well-trained, proficient musicians and as such they held an important place in the progression from the more folksy mid-20th century music to the Latin jazz/timba/salsa of latter times.
Works in Progress: Junior / Re: Mi Cuasi Son Montuno
« Last post by paulr on Today at 01:59:36 PM »
I'm not sure I've much that is useful to add, mainly appreciative. 

This is really nice celebratory music.  Made me smile.

I'm not sure the discords (which have had quite a few mentions) matter.  They do add spice - but I think they should not sound like mistakes.

There's pretty clear example in the Irakere video (around 4:03).  But it is, as Jerry suggests, foregrounded and it sounds like they know full well what they are doing.

Please do keep working on this.  I hope you can get it performed too - which would probably lead to further inspiration and revision. 
Works in Progress: Junior / Re: Mi Cuasi Son Montuno
« Last post by sandalwood on Yesterday at 03:57:18 PM »
Thanks for your reply Morten!  I'm glad you liked my very slowly-progressing try at writing Latin music. I don't know much about Latin music, either, despite the last several months I have been trying to learn.  Yes, Son Montuno is a sub-genre of the AfroCuban/Latin genre and  it translates into a set of distinctions, some stricter some not so much, regarding form, composition of the orchestra, tempo, basic rhythm, etc. As to the orchestra, it is supposed to feature a lead singer and 2-5 chorists which is basically why I call my piece  a "quasi" Son Montuno (not to say omelette without eggs :)).

Soundcloud's continuing to the next piece without asking can be quite aggravating. Nice to hear it wasn't in your case. I'm extremely delighted that you found listening to Ninni that much enjoyable. Yes, I did post it some time back, with the topic title "Old Lullaby Revisited". It stands close to the bottom of the first page in "Works in Progress: Junior" section .

Thank you Morten! Much appreciated really!

Works in Progress: Junior / Re: Long Piece for Orchestra and Two Violins
« Last post by mjw58 on Yesterday at 01:36:31 PM »

Thank you for posting this. As mentioned by Jay and Jer a score would be nice.  :)

I for one find it easier to compose using Finale, save it as MIDI and then load it into Cubase. My DAW of choice.

Maybe because Iíve used Finale for so long that I find it easier and I need to make a score that looks OK.

Works in Progress: Junior / Re: Mi Cuasi Son Montuno
« Last post by mjw58 on Yesterday at 01:34:01 PM »
Reha, I donít know much about latin music, but I enjoyed this very much. Havenít had time to look at the score. Loved the percussion and the flute solo. I take it that Son Montuno is a musical form?

And then something nice happened. To me anyway.  :) When I listened to it on Soundcloud I read through the comments and when the piece finished it jumped to your next piece, Ninni. That piece did something to me. :)

Maybe you have posted it on the forum earlier. If you did I totally missed it. Glad I found it.

Sorry about the play-count (I hope that is an English word describing the number of times Ninni has been played).  :) It was on 2 and is now on 9.  ;D

Works in Progress: Senior / Re: Night Moods
« Last post by mjw58 on Yesterday at 01:29:29 PM »

Patrick, I really liked this. It deserves a live performance.  :)

Works in Progress: Senior / Re: Night Moods
« Last post by mjf1947 on September 20, 2018, 07:41:43 PM »
What a lovely scene you paint with your notes................  :)

Impressionistic .... a touch of Delius yes.

Works in Progress: Senior / Re: Night Moods
« Last post by Patrick O'Keefe on September 20, 2018, 04:40:12 PM »
Thank you for your kind comments.  Now if I can only find a small orchestra that feels as positive about it as the people on this form. :)
Works in Progress: Senior / Re: Night Moods
« Last post by perpetuo studens on September 20, 2018, 02:56:42 PM »
Lovely Patrick, enjoyed this very much. I too am attracted to experimenting with looser forms, but haven't approached the success you've had here. I also particularly liked the harmonic language and the orchestration. Well done.
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