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Works in Progress: Senior / Re: humoresques
« Last post by Gillespie on Today at 08:01:17 AM »
Having fun with the Acappella app on my iPad... here's a short (poorly-rehearsed and with a misbehaving reed...) excerpt of the fourth movement.

Just to satisfy the curiosity of what four english horns sound like!

Movement IV excerpt

Entertaining!  BTW, listened/read Galop today.  Inspired by your use of time changes, accel, and various rhythmic figures.
Chit Chat / Re: East West Sounds?
« Last post by mjw58 on Yesterday at 02:52:57 PM »
I think Play 6 work with contact, but you must subscribe to Composer Cloud or buy it. When you unsubscribe you cannot use the library anymore. You could save the instrument in question as an audio file. Then you will still have the sound of the library. You just canít do any changes to it.

You can use EW directly into Logic. You can use EW in Finale as well. You just have to assign dynamics etc as controller-modulation.

I use Cubase myself and I just open an instance of Play and load the instruments I need. I also have Kontakt 5 and I do the same there.

Thereís a lot of tweaking, but you will get a better sound right away. The tweaking starts when you want to make it sound more human. Use key switches or better still, expression maps to trigger the different articulations that comes with the library.

I use it somewhat different. I get inspired by listening to the great sound and as a result my compositions change a lot when I play them back. I just donít want to do too much while Iím composing.

Therefor I use Finale to compose and when I feel Iím ready for it, I shape the music to sound more human by adding articulations. Finale tends to play the notes in their full length, but a musician will play them different. I add staccato on notes that is naturally played short etc. When Iím finished I save it as midi and transfer it to Cubase to listen to it.

The proper way to do it is by using expression maps and the articulations in the library, but then you must do some work with it. I feel I can do that later when the piece is finished.  Well thatís the plan anyway.

Use templates to save time.

Chit Chat / Re: East West Sounds?
« Last post by AO on Yesterday at 01:05:05 PM »
Thanks Morten, Judging from the youtube posts I think EW works with Logic as well as Kontact, I only have Logic and Finale. I'll have to give the cloud a try , the one month trial is only 15 bucks. It seems like there's a lot of work tweaking this stuff to get a good sound but I have no chance of ever having real musicians play my stuff so I'm up for the task. I'm not sure how the whole process of borrowing these sounds works though, if you unsubscribe what happens to your project? Well I'll give it a try for a month and see what happens. Cheers.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello
« Last post by Jerry Engelbach on Yesterday at 11:24:05 AM »
Hola, Janx.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello
« Last post by mjw58 on Yesterday at 11:13:23 AM »

Welcome to the forum.

Chit Chat / Re: The "What are you working on?" thread
« Last post by mjw58 on Yesterday at 11:10:29 AM »

Yes, me too. WOW.  :)

Chit Chat / Re: East West Sounds?
« Last post by mjw58 on Yesterday at 10:47:49 AM »


I use Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds and Hollywood Brass. Silver edition. Silver edition do not have all the articulations.
I purchased them to get better sound on my compositions. I like them.
It has its own engine/ software called Play. Other libraries have their own engines, or they use Kontakt from Native Instruments.

I think Iím going to try Composer Cloud. Then I can use all the instruments.

There are so many different libraries out there and so many different price tags. Native Instruments, 8Dio, Spitfire Audio, Project Sam, Vienna Symphonic Library, Cinesamples etc.
Many of these use Kontakt. Some you can use with the free Kontakt Player but some need the full version, Kontakt 5.

I urge you to search YouTube and see what suites your needs if you havenít already done that.

Chit Chat / East West Sounds?
« Last post by AO on Yesterday at 09:57:29 AM »
Has anyone had any experience with EA sounds or any other subscription sound libraries? EA is 30 bucks a month with a 50% off for first month, some of their libraries look pretty impressive, especially the Hollywood Strings, I quickly checked out Native Instruments as well.

Composition Topic of the Month / Re: June, 2018: Advice for young composers
« Last post by Gillespie on Yesterday at 06:37:51 AM »
I did not verify this quote, but its an option:
ďA good composer does not imitate; he steals.Ē
― Igor Stravinsky

I agree with Michel.R.E about learning "rules."  I took courses in 16th cent counterpoint, 18th cent counterpoint, and multiple years of 18th and 20th century theory.  I break these rules all the time, but I use them when they suit me.  Of course, my compositions are "meh."
Works in Progress: Senior / Re: humoresques
« Last post by flint on June 22, 2018, 08:46:40 PM »
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