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Title: Construction of a simple piece
Post by: Ron on August 06, 2013, 11:16:49 AM
I'm not sure whether this belongs under basic or advanced, but I want to encourage those new to composition to spread their wings a bit. Too often I see novice compositions that seem to be stuck in one place.

Here's a simple idea: I've taken a common harmonic progression: dropping down the scale by 3rds. You hear this sort of thing in rock all the time (C - A minor - F ) and in hymns (bet you didn't realize how closely these two forms of music are related, but once you start looking at the harmonic structure all sorts of interesting relationships pop up). Very basic. And then I reverse it: harmony that rises by 3rds, and this time outside of the major scale. Doesn't it sound more interesting? Then a contrasting section where the ideas are played with a bit, now really stepping outside of any concept of major-minor relationships--and then a recapitulation of the initial idea. A nice neat bundle.

Things to note: the repetition of the rhythmic figures to give cohesion; the reversal of the supporting figures in the "response" section; the changes to the ideas in the development section; the adherence to the principles of voice-leading.

Weaknesses: the music comes to a dead stop in measures 3 and 6 (not good); the main idea is boring (double-plus ungood).

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